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Your company, your product, and your employees deserve to be protected. At MRC, we can custom design a system that gaurds against theft, vandalism, and security risks that would seek to rob you of your investments. 


We can design, install, and offer monitoring for your business, providing you with invaluable information about the daily operations of your business. We can also integrate access systems that only allow in your most trusted employees in any room in your office. Our designs allow you the option of accessing your system from anywhere in the world from your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. 


Our security alarms utilize door, window, motion, and glassbreak sensors to protect against robery. However, not all security risks come from the outside. More than 75% of theft occurs from within an operation. MRC can also create a system to make sure that your valuable physical assets and intellectual property stays where it belongs: within your organization.  


Today's security systems are so much more than a panel on a wall. From the time an intruder enters your property, you have the option to watch their every move with real time alerts, capture photos, and inform authorities.


In addition, the newest video monitoring allows you to oversee employees, customers, transactions, deliveries, visitors, and service providers all from one account. Review past data quickly and easily.  When you need information immediately, you have access to your video system. 

MRC is licensed under the State of Illinois to install and monitor fire alarms for your company. We can design a system that fits the needs of your business and your local fire codes. We can also test, inspect, and repair your fire systems so that they operate efficiently and in compliance with NFPA standards.